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Healing bipolar

learn to live well with
Bipolar Disorder.

Why are you here?

Bipolar disorder is a very real medical problem. There are so many confusing messages and contradictory treatments for this disorder, all trying to stop the very real damage it causes to individuals and families everywhere. No one should have to suffer alone with a medical problem when there are solutions that can help us live a full and productive life.

Well, there is hope and help.

We’ve outlined a Map to Wellness where anyone: men, women, teens, & young adults, can live well and healthy with this disorder.

This is a Lifestyle Change for Your Mind

Free course

Mood Cycle Survival Guide: 4 steps to successfully navigate bipolar mood-swings.

Change from being a victim to the boss of your brain. You will learn your first action steps to take responsibility for your condition and change it.


Change the way you think about your disorder and start to see yourself as the boss of your brain. 

Read the Blog, Listen to Podcast Episodes, Join the free FB group - surround yourself with people who are all on this path together. Join in the conversation! You are NOT alone. 


The Upsider’s Tribe: a monthly mentoring membership. 

Give your brain and body what it needs to function optimally.

For just the cost of a few latte’s a month, implement the comprehensive Plan that stops mood-cycling in its tracks. Is that possible? You better believe it… better yet, try it for yourself, no long-term commitment is required. 

Meet Michelle

Can I be honest with you? 
I shouldn’t have had to figure this out for myself. 

For real. It’s not like any of these tools are unique! I should have been handed a treatment program and been guided through it step by step. But that didn’t happen. Instead I spent 12 years after my diagnosis suffering through every downside this disorder dishes out, including suicide attempts. I tried everything I was told: from hospitalizations to electro-convulsive therapy. The Works. 

I spent the next 10 years figuring out the Map to Wellness. And now? I don’t have mood cycles anymore. I don’t struggle with the whiplash of mania into depression. 


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NEW private Facebook group for Mom’s with bipolar disorder! 

If you want to live a balanced, healthy, productive life, despite your condition, you are in the right place!

This is a group where we acknowledge that we have bipolar disorder, but we want to take responsibility for ourselves and learn how to live well with it.