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Helping Mothers learn to live well
with Bipolar Disorder.

Has your bipolar disorder robbed you of your ability to have a loving, stable life with your spouse and children?

Do you feel discouraged and alone, trapped inside the stigma of mental illness?

Do you feel embarrassed and unsure whether there is any hope or help?

Bipolar disorder is a very real medical problem, similar to type 1 diabetes. There should be no shame in asking for and receiving help. No mother should have to suffer with a medical problem alone when there are answers that can help her to live a full and productive life.

I do not approach wellness from a clinical perspective, because I am not a licensed clinician. I am sharing 20+ years of experience I've gained the hard way, learning how to live a balanced life with a disorder that's not going to go away. Read more about my holistic path to living well with bipolar disorder in the blog.

Bipolar Disorder:
You are not broken!

Bipolar Disorder:
The Stages of Grief

Bipolar Disorder:
The Recovery Cycle



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NEW private Facebook group for Mom’s with bipolar disorder! 

If you want to live a balanced, healthy, productive life, despite your condition, you are in the right place!

This is a group where we acknowledge that we have bipolar disorder, but we want to take responsibility for ourselves and learn how to live well with it.